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GED Chutes laundry chute fire inspection and servicing company head office is based in Manchester, UK. We are ideally situated to assist you with all your commercial laundry chute servicing requirements. Covering England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales we can inspect individual laundry chute properties or look after multiple sites.

So, if you are not getting the service you expect from your current laundry chute maintenance supplier or you would prefer to receive a more professional service for less cost then contact us today and see how we can help.

7 weird and wonderful health and safety facts you may not know about 7 weird and wonderful health and safety facts you may not know about

1. Mobile phones at the pumps

Whether you knew it or not, when you fill up at the petrol pump, there is a sign which instructs you to turn off the mobile phone, as the radio transmitter could start a deadly fire. This is in spite of the fact that nothing of this kind has happened at a petrol station in the time since the arrival of mobile phones.

2. Mobile phones and aviation

Another giant misconception surrounding mobile phones, this time with regard to their misuse on planes; people are frequently told that electronic communications devices interfere with a plane's avionics and communications systems. Yet, in spite of the fears surrounding mobile phones on aeroplanes, they seem to have caused surprisingly few fatalities.

3. Lactose that can kill you

It is illegal in the interests of safety to sell Kinder Eggs in the United States though, curiously, not automatic assault rifles. It is also very hard to get hold of unpasteurised cheese in the US and Australia, but, conversely, one of Australia's most deadly outbreaks of listeria was caused poorly pasteurised cheese.

4. Cycling helmets may not make you safer

The safest place to be a cyclist is also in the place where helmet wearing is actually most uncommon, the Netherlands and Denmark for example. When Australia passed a safety law outlawing the wearing of cycle helmets, the number of cycling related accidents actually went up.

5. No photography please

Contrary to what you may believe, there is no law against taking photography at your child's school play or sports event. This doesn't stop teachers and school officials quoting the Data Protection Act and other non-existent rules to prevent picture taking at school functions.

6. The non-existent Millennium Bug

In 2011, it was reported that so-called 'cybercrime' was costing the UK economy £27 billion a year; this has proven to be massively overblown, since this cybercrime can include someone theoretically not filling in their tax return properly. This was how IT experts were able to profit so much from the so-called Millenium Bug; it was a cyber emergency that never happened.

7. Smart phones make for dumb laws

In the era of smart technology, confusion is rife amongst airport services as to whether new pieces of tech such as smart phones and tablets carry the same risk as laptops. Different airport security checkpoints offer different rules, and a lack of consistency is causing confusion for potential passengers.

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