We guarantee a superior quality
waste chute cleaning service
for less money than you'd expect
waste chute cleaning service
We guarantee a superior quality
waste chute cleaning service
for less money than you'd expect

Refuse chute cleaning

Does your refuse chute require a deep clean?

It should go without question that a waste chute should be regularly cleaned and de-sanitised.

Properly cleaned chutes and compactors have immediate benefits, such as the elimination of foul odours, flammable grease, and harmful bacteria. It essentially ‘closes the cafeteria’ on unwanted pests in your building.

By having the chute, compactor and containers pressure cleaned, it is a reflection of the overall quality of a building’s maintenance, while at the same time also improving the resident’s quality of life in their community.

Waste chutes should be cleaned at least once a year but often a bi-annual or multi-point clean is recommended depending on the usage and size of the building. High impact chute cleaning should be considered routine maintenance, preventing disturbing smells, bacteria growth and health hazards and also reduces pest control problems.

Interior surfaces of the chute are treated with a biodegradable enzyme/degrease/deodorising solution. The waste chute is than sprayed with a rotating cleaning head - high heat pressure washing at 1000 psi to 3000 psi of water.

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GED Chutes high impact cleaning

We provide:
  • A top to bottom interior chute clean including pre-spray, degrease and deodorise
  • Compactor cleaning
  • Waste container and Palarbin cleaning
  • Fire certification to meet annual insurance obligations
  • Fully trained chute cleaning engineers
  • All chemicals are fully biodegradable and safe to use
  • Full public & employee liability insurance
Our service is fully guaranteed and our staff and cleaning engineers will take every step necessary to ensure the highest standards of service. Not satisfied with your current provider? Contact GED Chute Services

GED Chute solutions repairs

We specialise in:
  • Blocked chute service & fire damper replacements
  • Repair and replacement of damaged chute sections, door interlocks and system retrofits.
  • Intake hopper doors & components: "Self-Closing" Cylinders; "Positive Latching" Handles/Latches; Flaps "In-swinging" top hinged Baffles and hopper doors
  • Recycling System Tri-Separators, (Bi-Separator) Repairs / Rebuilds of all makes and manufacture
  • System Upgrades & Improved PPM Programs
  • Specialty Products - Miscellaneous Welding and electrical upgrades available upon request
We operate only with certified technicians providing you with guaranteed results.

Don’t hesitate, call the GED Team today 0800 046 7922

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