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GED Chutes laundry chute fire inspection and servicing company head office is based in Manchester, UK. We are ideally situated to assist you with all your commercial laundry chute servicing requirements. Covering England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales we can inspect individual laundry chute properties or look after multiple sites.

So, if you are not getting the service you expect from your current laundry chute maintenance supplier or you would prefer to receive a more professional service for less cost then contact us today and see how we can help.

Fire hazard and inspection. Laundry chute solutions, including refuse chutes. Fire hazard and inspection. Laundry chute solutions, including refuse chutes.

Imagine receiving a new car and having it sent back straight away because it hasn't been checked properly and there's a glaring defect?

No one wants to shell out on anything that's ultimately going to cause grief, we want peace of mind of a quality, safe product.

Believe it or not, the same goes for a laundry chute. Imagine you have a family of four, in a three storey property with an unsafe chute, sitting there gathering dust. There's an increased workload to get all of the dirty washing up and down the stairs, not to mention wandering all over the house to find the odd t-shirt that's been left behind. With this workload comes the increased pressure on your time, risk to the person going up and down the stairs with trip hazards no to mention the inconvenience.

But, what if you haven't got a family of four - you've got a 'family' of at least 120. In a six story building, with 20 rooms on each floor, there's a minimum of 120 people, and with that comes lots of used towels and bed linen. In fact, hotel rooms are normally shared, so our happy family goes up to 240 (yikes, imagine the food shop!).

If the laundry chute is unusable in a hotel of this size there's not only the management of increased staff numbers to cope with the laundry demands - and the costs that come - but the expense of getting the chute installed being a wasted investment. But aside from financial risks, what's the invisible impact to your bottom line? Safety is the big issue, so it's important to have yearly fire inspections as part of a Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan - in fact most insurance companies won't pay out if you don't have it included. So what's the worst that could happen? Laundry chutes ascend through multiple floors, so if there's a fire your whole building becomes at risk.

If you haven't got yearly inspections covered you're bound to get burnt by the costs, so why not make life easy and plan ahead.

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