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GED Chutes laundry chute fire inspection and servicing company head office is based in Manchester, UK. We are ideally situated to assist you with all your commercial laundry chute servicing requirements. Covering England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales we can inspect individual laundry chute properties or look after multiple sites.

So, if you are not getting the service you expect from your current laundry chute maintenance supplier or you would prefer to receive a more professional service for less cost then contact us today and see how we can help.

Fire safety advice for your laundry chute Fire safety advice for your laundry chute

Everyone wants their business to be as protected from fire risks as possible. Make sure your laundry chute isn't your workplaces weak spot.

Whether your laundry chute drops from two stories or forty, you need to be aware of fire safety measures for commercial premises. By regularly conducting risk assessments, you can take great steps to preventing people and your building from potentially awful fire damage. A reputable laundry chute provider will offer these, but there are everyday steps you can take to reduce fire risks.

Identify possible fire hazards

Try to take an objective look at your business premises and identify any and all potential fire hazards. When you do this, keep looking for:

  • How could a fire start?
  • Where could fires easily start?
  • If a fire broke out, is there anything that could fuel the fire?

In your laundry room, there may be flammable materials, bundles of laundry and even general waste that can vastly increase the chances of fire.

Who's at risk from fire?

Now you've looked at where a fire could start, you should think about who is most likely to be at risk from a laundry chute related fire. If your business involves caring for the elderly or children, you will need to plan how to quickly and efficiently get them out of the building, should it catch fire.
After that, you will need to assess employees who work in isolated areas of the building. These people are generally more vulnerable to fire in the workplace, so you should have a comprehensive plan in place.

How to reduce your risk of fire

Now you've identified what the dangers are and how to protect people, you can think about combining this information to reduce the chances of a fire before it happens. Preventative measures include:

  • Buy non-flammable materials wherever possible.
  • Remove fire hazards from laundry chutes and other danger areas.
  • Have emergency exit points and keep them clear.
  • Keep possible ignition sources away from flammable materials.
  • Invest in your employees and send them on fire safety courses.
  • Install modern and efficient fire detection systems. Remember to regularly test them.
  • Ensure you book regular fire safety assessments from qualified professionals.

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