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GED Chutes laundry chute fire inspection and servicing company head office is based in Manchester, UK. We are ideally situated to assist you with all your commercial laundry chute servicing requirements. Covering England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales we can inspect individual laundry chute properties or look after multiple sites.

So, if you are not getting the service you expect from your current laundry chute maintenance supplier or you would prefer to receive a more professional service for less cost then contact us today and see how we can help.

GED Chutes Award GED Chutes Award

Laundry chute company Inventive Homes have been shortlisted for the Best Home Technology Set-up/Installation award as part of the Build It Awards 2014.

Comedian and actor Hugh Dennis will be presenting the awards that celebrate all aspects of self build and renovation in the UK.

Inventive Homes provide a range of laundry chutes that can be fitted inside residential homes with two or more floors, as well as commercial buildings including nursing homes, hotels and even ships!

The company was created by owner Neil Dolan to provide innovative lifestyle-improving products for the home, when he recognised a gap in the market for quality domestic Laundry Chutes. The only supplier to the UK was a German manufacturer who could only provide a limited amount of parts which made the installation process longer. Neil's superb product range brings quality laundry chute solutions to both UK and global markets, with delivery within 48 hours being a bonus to UK customers.

But what is a laundry chute? Well, put simply - it's a series of pipes and bends that slot and bolt together neatly, and which are hidden within the structure of a building. Laundry can be unloaded into the chute through a discrete door from any number of rooms, on any floor, down to any floor.

For the Best Home Technology Set-up/Installation category, judges will be looking at the products' overall design, innovation, lifestyle benefits and value for money. Inventive Homes have been shortlisted for its work/lifestyle solutions, safety and efficiency - plus, no other laundry chute offers the same benefits or safety features.

The innovative product design includes a fully bespoke fit to ensure all doors are installed at the desired height, with multiple sizes available between 250mm - 500mm, stainless steel and powder coated finishes and modular pipe work that can easily by pass any obstructions.

Winners of the awards will be announced at a Gala Awards Dinner held at the Hilton in Swindon on the 23rd October 2014. Keep up to date with the awards and watch this space!

The image above shows Inventive Homes UK warehouse.

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