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GED Chutes laundry chute fire inspection and servicing company head office is based in Manchester, UK. We are ideally situated to assist you with all your commercial laundry chute servicing requirements. Covering England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales we can inspect individual laundry chute properties or look after multiple sites.

So, if you are not getting the service you expect from your current laundry chute maintenance supplier or you would prefer to receive a more professional service for less cost then contact us today and see how we can help.

How to pacify unhappy hotel guests How to pacify unhappy hotel guests

Take pride in the way you run your hotel establishment, handle guest complaints with an air of professionalism by doing this.

No matter how excellent your customer service levels are, run a hotel, guest house or bed and breakfast establishment, and there will always be certain clientele that like to complain.

Take care of the basics, offer good quality accommodation along with great facilities, and the amount of complaints your business receives should be minimal.

As one of the UK's leading laundry chute fire inspection and servicing companies, we understand how important customer satisfaction is here at Ged Chutes, and we also know, no matter how good you are, guests like to complain.
Therefore this advice is for any hotel owner that has to deal with confrontational customers.

Stay calm

It's hard to keep cool if a guest is screaming in your face and they are acting unreasonably. Stay in control though, a calm, measured approach to the situation is vital to help placate them as soon as possible. Under no circumstances lose your temper.

Show concern

Be flippant with angry guests and this only makes matters worse. Listen to their concerns and be sympathetic throughout, if they can see you are genuinely troubled about their complaint, this should help to calm them down.

Take them somewhere quiet

Try to steer the guest to a quieter side room, away from the prying eyes of other guests. The manager's office is the ideal place to resolve the issue, if other guests are around this could make the situation even more stressful for everyone involved.

Establish what the problem is

Clearly define what the issue is and why the guest is upset. You might want to make notes of this so you can speak to senior managers if you think this issue exceeds your authority. Guests like to see positive action being taken, if you can resolve the quickly, that's great. If not, tell the customer you will speak to somebody in a senior position straight away. Don't make promises you can't keep though.

Give them feedback

If you can fix this issue by offering a positive solution, do this now. If the problem is a little more complex, and it will take a little time to resolve, tell the customer, and try to give them an accurate timescale, without providing them with false hope.

Do everything you physically can to follow this up

See this through from beginning to end. Hopefully you'll be able to resolve the complaint directly. However, if you have to pass this over to senior management, follow up the complaint later on and contact the guest to see if they are satisfied with the outcome.

Work in any customer-facing environment and these tips could be useful one day. If it's been a while since your hotel last had a laundry chute inspection, get in touch with us, the last thing you need is guests complaining because you have stacks of dirty linen stuck in corridors.

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